Why Tesla?

It started this way. As part of Post Graduation programme we have to research on a brand and to blog about it. There are so many brands of automobiles, who had contributed lot to the industry as well as humanity, and still they continue to do so. However what about the future? That is a big question. Present days everybody think about emission control, carbon foot print… Why?
We need energy. Where it come from? Of course it is from the Sun. All these days, instead of directly exploiting the Sun; we depended on the energy absorbed millions of years ago. I mean the fossil fuels – sunlight absorbed by prehistoric plants and earth’s ‘magic’ worked on. These plants also captured the Carbon from the atmosphere, which we are shamelessly releasing back, increasing the amount of green house gases in the atmosphere.
How we can directly harvest the Sun’s energy? Simple, convert it to electricity. Here comes the importance on ‘electric mobility’. Tesla motors is pioneer in this technology.
Why Tesla? Simple reason, every other car makers tried to present electric car as kei car with a ridiculous comic character look . Tesla proved that it could an appealing sports car with a descent speed and acceptable range. They are trying to make a change and it is working. Many of the major automakers and supplier made tie up with Tesla motors for technology shearing and future developments. Clearly this is the future…

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