Tesla Roadster on Top Gear Blog


Volting ambition

0-60mph in four seconds? Enough range to get you from London to Plymouth? Pat Devereux has seen the future of cars, and he likes it

Imagine a Lotus Elise that can do 0-60 in four seconds, has a top end of over 130mph yet can return over 135mpg. Think how good you’d feel if that Elise also produced no harmful local emissions and hardly ever needed servicing.

You’d imagine there to be a catch and, of course, there is. This sports car of your green dreams is a plug-in electric vehicle…

I know that will have got a couple of groans from the audience. But bear with me here, as this isn’t like any of those horribly cynical early efforts. The ones produced by global car companies trying to deflect attention from their tree-flattening SUV money-makers. This one’s different. No, really, it is.  More


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