To New Year with a Scoop…

Let us welcome a prosperous ‘2012’. Unfortunately ‘2012’ happened to be plot for disaster based blockbuster movie. Lot of controversies to support it, such as Mayan Long Calendar, Sun Flares, Environment Changes… Let us hope ‘2012’ will be promising.

I thought of starting 2012 with a scoop, rather a gossip.  GM’s extended electric vehicle ‘Chevrolet Volt’ is in production since December, 2010. Most of the other car makers are considering this concept as a base for low range, low cost vehicle.

Now as per Michael Kanellos of CNET, possibly Tesla is considering this design.
He reports Tesla VP of Finance Mike Taylor said that the Volt is ” ‘a really good way’, of extending the range on electric sedans in a cost-effective way.”

Read on:


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