Tesla Roadster on Top Gear Blog

http://www.topgear.com/content/features/stories/2007/05/stories/11/1.html Volting ambition 0-60mph in four seconds? Enough range to get you from London to Plymouth? Pat Devereux has seen the future of cars, and he likes it Imagine a Lotus Elise that can do 0-60 in four seconds, has a top end of over 130mph yet can return over 135mpg. Think how good you’d … Continue reading

Tesla Vs. TopGear In Court, BBC Winning So Far

Let court decide it’s verdict…  I think Tesla roadster deserves better… Read on: http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2011/10/tesla-vs-topgear-in-court-bbc-winning-so-far.html Tesla Vs. TopGear In Court, BBC Winning So Far   21/10/2011 | By: Nauman Farooq1 Comment It is not common for a car company to take legal action against a publication or TV show based on their opinion of the product, but Tesla did just … Continue reading

BBC denies rigging Top Gear Tesla Roadster car race

To BBC, Top Gear is one of their prestigious show. Jeremy Clarkson, with his fans keep the show at it’s high. So it becomes BBC duty to defend Clarkson. This not the first time Clarkson got into controversies… Read on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/12907367 BBC denies rigging Top Gear Tesla Roadster car race Page last updated at 11:28 GMT, Wednesday, 30 March … Continue reading

Tesla sues Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson loves speed and thrill! To him thrill is always associated with the roar of the car. Unfortunately Tesla roadster is too quite, even though it satisfies Jeremy for its power and handling. From the endorser of powerful, loud petrol cars what else we could expect… Read on: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/mar/30/tesla-sue-top-gear Tesla sues Top Gear over ‘faked’ electric car race … Continue reading